• Choosing the right survey
  • Choosing a surveyor
  • Subsidence in Buildings
  • Flooding
  • Damp in Buildings
  • Fire Saftey in your home

Period Property Information Sheets

  • Buying a period property
  • Maintaining a period property
  • Dampness and decay in a period property
  • The Law of Listed Buildings
  • Understanding the conservation of historic buildings
  • Timber condition in old buildings
  • Lime renders and Plasters
  • Repairing Historic Brickwork
  • Thatched Buildings
  • Insuring Historic and Period Buildings
  • Insulation and Heat efficiency In Historic Buildings

Terms and Conditions

  • T & C Valuation [Sample only]
  • T&C RICS Homebuyers Report
  • T & C Building Survey
  • T & C Heritage Report
  • T & C Single Defect Inspection [Sample only]

Websites to Visit

  • SPAB Society for Preservation of Ancient Buildings
  • Listed Property Owners Club
  • Derelict London
  • Heritage England
  • The Victorian Society
  • The Georgian Society